Kit Steinkellner
Updated November 27, 2016
Vivian Zink/NBC

We’re still waiting for the day when the bells ring and we can all scream, “DING DONG, SEXISM IS DEAD!” Unfortunately, that day is definitely not yet here and women still have to deal with all sorts of gender inequality — in the workplace, in relationships, and pretty much everywhere else, too.

Case in point, Harvard recently conducted a study that revealed an unsettling sexist truth. Heterosexual married couples are 32% more likely to split when a husband isn’t working full-time than when he’s fully employed. So basically, the stigma of women making more money can lead directly to divorce. Ugh.

Vivian Zink/NBC

As reported by Glamour, study author Alexandra Killewald, Ph.D. analyzed over 6,300 (mostly heterosexual) couples and discovered that a couple’s happiness is unfortunately all too dependent on the man’s state of employment. A woman can be working part-time, full-time, or not at all, and it doesn’t have much effect on her relationship. But if a man is only working part-time, the rate of divorce increases by a third.

Glamour also points out that:

Ugh and more ugh.

As disheartening as this study is, there’s a glass half-full way of looking at this stat. Or a glass two-thirds full, to be more precise.

After all, for two-thirds of the couples surveyed, the dude’s employment status was not the factor that kept them together or split them apart. So let’s celebrate all the couples whose relationships aren’t dictated by hoaried old gender stereotypes.

And let’s keep pushing the ball forward. We are living in freaking 2016, people. A man does not have to be a primary breadwinner. A woman does not have to be the dictionary definition of domesticity. Let’s just keep trying to do what’s best for ourselves and our relationships. Which obviously isn’t always easy with the patriarchy constantly breathing down our necks. But still. We got to try. That’s the only way things get better.