Trilby Beresford
Updated Mar 22, 2017 @ 10:11 am
Credit: Instagram/Nick Viall

It’s no surprise that emotions have been running wild since Nick Viall gave his heart to Vanessa Grimaldi on The Bachelor finale, and now Grimaldi is reacting to that “awkward” interview on After the Final Rose. (For the record, we didn’t think it was awkward! Talking about your private, new relationship on national television sounds pretty hard to begin with, so like, no judgements here.)

Grimaldi’s comments came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after Ellen pointedly asked guest Nick Viall about the whole thing. “I didn’t see the After the Rose because I could not commit to four hours of television,” Ellen admitted (lol). “I heard that some people thought it was awkward, that y’all were awkward together.”

To that super awkward question, Grimaldi answered from the audience.

There was no chance for Viall to respond, because Ellen quickly moved on to talking about the physical challenges of Dancing with the Stars. She did say that she was happy for them though, which is a sentiment we definitely echo.

Grimaldi and Viall have been through plenty of ups and downs (as all couples do), but seem very supportive of one another.

via giphyThey’re also not in a rush to get married, which is good because it will give them time to really work things out while not on a weekly televised TV show. Like Grimaldi said, they’re focusing on building their foundation.

Awkward or not, there’s no denying how adorable they are together.

Keep doing your thing, guys!