These people keep unbelievable secrets from their more conservative parents

Telling your parents absolutely everything about your life can be difficult. For some, it’s healthy to have an open, honest relationship with their family. For other people, sharing certain details can get, well, complicated. It’s especially complicated when your parents may have more conservative views than you.

And these people know exactly what it’s like to keep a secret from their parents.

Because their parents are more conservative, they choose to not tell them details about their life. Whatever their reason may be for not sharing with the people who raised them, at least they’re willing to open up to the internet.

So here are some of the most fascinating deeply held secrets that people keep from their conservative parents.


My extremely Christian and Conservative parents raised a Buddhist Bisexual daughter Quantcast


I grew up with conservative Christian parents. I've been pagan for a year now and still don't know how to tell themQuantcast


My boyfriend and I found out that I'm pregnant a couple weeks ago and I still don't know how to tell my conservative Christian parents.Quantcast


My dad is extremely conservative, religious, and old fashioned. He hates it just when I do something like wear skinny jeans or show a bra strap Surprise I'm bi, and I have a girlfriendQuantcast


I love smoking weed it helps with my anxiety. But my parents are really conservative and don't know. Quantcast


My southern, conservative dad has no idea that, not only do I plan to lose my virginity before marriage, I plan to lose it to another woman...Quantcast


I don't know how to tell my conservative parents that I'm pro-choice Quantcast


 I recently abandoned Christianity in favor of Wicca. I still live at home with conservative parents, and it's hard to keep it hidden sometimes.Quantcast


My dad (very conservative) forces me to go to church every Sunday What he doesn't know is that I don't believe in things I can't see, which is partially due to me being a doctorQuantcast


I'm happy, proud, and out to everyone but my priest dad and conservative mom. It's a weird limbo feeling comfortable screaming about how queer I am in public but not telling my mom about my girlfriendQuantcast


My very conservative parents are suspicious that I might be dating a girl I spend some time with, but they don't know I'm sooooo gay Quantcast


My parents are probably the most conservative Republicans on earth.....they don't know I'm a Democrat Quantcast


I'm 24 I have my own house, job, I live across the country and I am still afraid to tell my conservative parents I have my entire side tattooedQuantcast


That moment when you're super drunk, but you're with your parents who are very conservative don't know you drink. Quantcast


My mom is a conservative Christian and doesn't know I lost my virginity at 15Quantcast


My parents told me they voted for Trump because he'll treat the military better. As a gay soldier I'd rather serve under a president who will defend my rights.Quantcast


My conservative Christian parents don't know that two of their sons, me and my brother, are gay. Quantcast

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