Jill Layton
Updated August 18, 2016
Corey Wadden / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lsSyk6mVw0

An unfortunate truth: Not all relationships are meant to last. We have the best intentions when a relationship starts out, but sometimes good intentions aren’t strong enough to keep a relationship alive. Especially if that relationship has turned toxic.

Dancer Corey Wadden and his ex-girlfriend Jelena’s relationship did exactly that.

After three years of being in a loving, committed relationship, it had gone downhill. Even though they couldn’t imagine living without each other, they decided to part ways. Naturally, they both experienced intense emotions in regards to their breakup.

Corey Wadden / www.youtube.com

So they decided to do something unusual, but really cool to commemorate this momentous ending in their lives.

Since they’re both performers, Corey and Jelena came together to work through their feelings by dancing to Sia’s “Eye of the Needle” — and the results are really, truly beautiful.

Jelena and I were lovers for more than 3 years,” Wadden explained. “To anyone that knew us, we were the definition of the perfect couple for most of our relationship. We were madly in love.” Yet, things changed when co-dependence, jealousy, and possessiveness set in.

Corey Wadden / giphy.com

“We broke up in March,” he added. “After several months of being apart and growing individually, I contacted her about an idea: to put rest to our past and create our own blank slate.” Since they’re both dancers who adore Sia, they choose “Eye of the Needle” as the song they’d dance it out to. In the end, the final piece was inspired by the duo’s past, Sia, and performance artist Marina Abramovic’s “The Lovers.”

Corey Wadden / giphy.com

“We decided to film the piece to shed light on toxic relationships,” he wrote. “If you are currently in one, either accept your partner for who they are without blaming, shaming or judging them, or, leave. If you work on yourself, your ideal partner will present themselves. We both needed to work on ourselves individually before we were able to truly appreciate and be good to one another.”

You can watch the emotional video in its entirety below (and we highly recommend that you do):