Credit: Brooke Wodark /

There are a million non-traditional ways you can propose marriage to someone, but we just heard about a guy who surprised his girlfriend in the most badass way. Yup, this tattoo artist proposed to his girlfriend via a leg tattoo, and we’ll back up the story a bit so you get the whole idea. Vinny Capaldo-Smith apparently always wanted his partner (and fellow tattoo lover) Brooke, to tattoo him, and so one day he asked her to ink his leg.

But as she was about to go for it, he rolled up his shorts and a tattoo was already there! A tattoo marriage proposal.

Complete with an interactive ‘yes/no’ element so that Brooke could have her decision inked as well (kinda risky! But awesome!). Then he busted out a ring, and SWOON. She said yes!

She’ll remember her first time tattooing, that’s for sure.

Of course, this whole thing was captured on video for our viewing pleasure.

We love how creative and utterly romantic this was, and how he really caught her by surprise. What a perfect story to tell at the wedding! And for years to come.

Sending a HUGE congratulations to the newly engaged couple. We can’t help but wonder if their married lives will include a few more tattoos detailing their adventures…?

Either way, this just made our Monday!