Trilby Beresford
March 27, 2017 8:19 am

We all know that love scenes in movies LOOK hot and steamy, but the reality behind all the movie magic is that they’re not really that extraordinary IRL. In Harpers Bazaar, Ryan Reynolds admitted he doesn’t mind seeing Blake Lively kiss other actors onscreen, and it gives us a glimpse into why those scenes really aren’t that sexy for the people involved.

Yeah, it would be painfully awkward to have a bunch of people standing around staring in that intimate moment!

And Reynolds isn’t the only actor to have dropped this major truth bomb on us.

Rosamund Pike opened up about her sex scene with Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl. “You’re alone with a man who’s not your husband who also has a husband…he’s in his underwear, you’re in your underwear, and you’re sort of dry humping on a bed.” 


Dakota Johnson had similar thoughts when it came to Fifty Shades of Grey:

Filming a sex scene is not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It’s really hot – not in a steamy, sexual way. It’s just sweaty and it’s not very comfortable. And on top of that, my hands and legs were tied, and I was blindfolded, and I was being hit with this bizarre tool. It was emotionally taxing. At first I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is the worst thing ever,’ and then I was like, ‘All right, let’s get on with it.'” she told E!.

via giphyAnd again, we’re thinking of all those spectators.

via giphy Not so sexy! But at the end of the day, Cameron Diaz reminded us that it’s in the job description while talking about her movie Sex Tape in Esquire, “It’s just a part of the role. So I did it. I mean, you see everything.”

via giphyWhen framed like this, we totally and utterly get why Reynolds isn’t too bothered about the love of his life kissing somebody else.

And we shall now take this opportunity to thank all actors for their love-scene sacrifices, because while they may not be fun to shoot, they’re usually very fun to watch. We salute you!