Lindsey Sirera
Updated Apr 06, 2017 @ 4:19 pm

Excuse us while we grab a box of tissues, because this is just about the most tearjerking note we’ve ~ever~ read. And it comes from none other than SNL alum Taran Killam. Killam took to Instagram to post about wife Cobie Smulders and her Broadway debut, and it marked a rare personal moment for the couple.

He went on to write, “She followed me to New York for my work and set a goal for herself. The only specific creative goal I’ve ever witnessed her commit to: perform in a play on Broadway. In these three years, she has jumped through many hoops; put herself out willingly and vulnerably, while still keeping a priority of being a superb mother and a phenomenal partner. She has been met with speculation, scrutiny and rejection but never gave up her commitment to her dream. And tonight, she realizes this dream.”

Say it all together now: awwww!

Recall, the notoriously private couple moved to New York City when Killam got the opportunity to join the SNL cast. And clearly, these two are all about supporting each other and their goals (can you say #relationshipgoals?).

Cobie’s breakout Broadway role is in the Noel Coward comedy, Present Love, starring as Joanna Lyppiatt. The play, which opened last night, will run through July 2nd at the St. James Theatre.

Cobie’s no doubt already had a dream career, from her landmark role as Robin on How I Met Your Mother to Agent Hill in The Avengers movies. Still, even with an impressive television and film resume under your belt, getting a spot in a Broadway play is by no means an easy feat, and we’re ~dayum~ proud of her, too.

Credit: Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Taran concluded his gushing post, writing: “I have never been so overwhelmed with pride in my life. Congratualtions, Cobie, you did it.”

Okay, last time. We promise. Awww!