phones wrecking relationships
Credit: Pexels

We’re all addicted to our phones, a fact we may as well just get out into the open. It’s the one thing we can’t leave the house without, no matter where we’re going. Unfortunately, our phones are messing with our relationships, leaving many of us dissatisfied and unhappy with the way we’re interacting with our SO. It’s definitely not surprising news, but it’s something we don’t love hearing.

Last year, a study was published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture. 143 women participated in the research, and 70 percent of them said that their phones were having a negative effect on their relationship with their partner.

It was common for women to report that their SO would text or look at notifications during a conversation (also called “phubbing”), which naturally made them feel ignored and unheard.

The more “technoference” a woman experiences in her relationship, the more likely she is to be unhappy with her partner. This isn’t rocket science, people.

Sherry Turkle, a professor at M.I.T. and author of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, told the New York Times that people want to start making changes with their use of technology in order to salvage their relationships.

By the way, the incessant use of phones isn’t just bothering women. A study of 175 men and women at Baylor University found that almost half of all respondents shared experiences of being ignored by their partner due to cell phone use, and this often led to disgruntled relationships.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably a good idea to make an intention to use your phone a little less around your partner.

When you’re having a conversation, simply have a conversation without running to check Instagram. Experts also recommend creating no-phone zones in the house so you get some quality time together.

Whatever texts or emails you’ve got on your phone can wait. Your SO deserves your undivided attention when they’re telling you about their day.