If you’re super plugged into the world of comedy, or just simply love SNL star Aidy Bryant (both totally fair), then you might have heard the recent whispering about some new bling on her finger. And turns out the rumors are true: Aidy Bryant is engaged to longtime BF Conner O’ Malley — and has been for about six months!

Congrats, guys!

What’s almost as interesting (slash, completely hilarious) is the way it went down. On last night’s, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Bryant revealed that at first, she thought the whole thing was a joke.

She said she came home from work one night and saw her dog was wearing a bowtie.

“Just a man in full terror standing very far from a dog in a bowtie, just holding a loose ring going, ‘Will you marry me?’ I was like, ‘What?’ I truly couldn’t comprehend what was happening, and I kept saying, ‘Is this a joke? Are you doing a joke?’ And then I said, ‘Of course I’ll marry you. I love you.’ And it was really nice.”

Bryant went on to note that it was pretty much a no brainer for her.

She added, “We’ve seen each other through a lot. Like, he used to work as a full-blown garbage man — not a joke, just a garbage man. I used to sweep up hair in a barber shop. I mean, we’ve like been through it.”

We’re wishing the couple the very best (and hoping their wedding day brings many laughs).