She may be a single lady, but that hasn’t stopped Adriana Lima from wearing a wedding ring. The sexy supermodel was seen wearing a diamond ring on that finger, raising a lot of eyebrows in the process. Adriana Lima finally took to social media to explain why she’s wearing a wedding ring and what her relationship status really is. You see, Lima has decided to tie the knot — with herself.

Adriana Lima marries…Adriana Lima?

The supermodel shared a photo of herself with a seriously gorgeous diamond ring on Instagram and explained why she’s wearing it. Essentially, Adriana Lima decided it was time to make a commitment to herself and her own happiness first, and we think that’s awesome!

“What’s up with the ring?” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s symbolic, I am committed to myself and my own happiness. I am married with me. Ladies Love yourself. And yes I am single.”

Credit: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

This announcement comes in the wake of Lima’s turbulent relationship with Mets player Matt Harvey coming to a rather dramatic end. Although they dated for a few months, the couple eventually split; rumors of Lima reconnecting with her ex Julian Edelman after he escorted her to the Met Gala also seem to have amounted to nothing. Adriana Lima is single, happy, and celebrating her newfound freedom.

We think it’s great that Adriana Lima is focusing on herself and making a commitment to her own well-being and happiness first. Those are some serious relationship goals, and whether single or in a relationship, it’s always important to remain committed to yourself.