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You’ve been dating your new piece for long enough now that the relationship is no longer new. You’re no longer drunk with infatuation or seeing stars, your days of staying in bed literally all day for multiple rounds of sex have gotten fewer and fewer, and your googly eyes are oft replaced with eye-rolls.

You’re now in the regular couple phase. Just a regular couple. That doesn’t mean you aren’t still totally head-over-heels in love, because you ARE. In fact, the following signs that the honeymoon stage is over are actually just signs that you’ve met your mate. This is The One. You can tell by how they react when you break out your ugliest, Cookie-monster blue bathrobe, which is no reaction at all. That’s how you know you are loved.

1. Passing Gas

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2. #2

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3. The Fuzzy Bathrobe

4. Honesty.

5. The three magic words…

6. The little things.

7. Cuddling is cuddling; sleeping is sleeping.

8. Date nights are sit around nights.

9. “Boring” sex.

10. No Daily Butterflies.

11. Complaining.

The Honeymoon Phase is officially over, and things couldn’t be better.