Plenty of people have opinions about whether it makes sense to get back together with an ex, but Ruby Rose just proved why reconnecting with a former love can actually be a beautiful thing, and we’re inspired.

In case you missed it, Ruby is back together with her ex-girlfriend Jess Origliasso, and the lovebirds are definitely making the case for rekindling a past romance, even if you’re normally against getting back together with a past love. The two Aussie ladies originally dated all the way back in 2008, but have remained friends in the years since, and it’s clear that their love story is right out of a fairy tale.

Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Ruby and Jess, one half of the girl group The Veronicas, first confirmed they were back together earlier this month after Ruby starred and directed The Veronicas’ music video for “On Your Side,” and it was steamy, gritty, and sexy. Now Ruby is speaking out on their reconciliation, and it’s honestly the sweetest and most magical thing we’ve ever heard.

Ruby recently told that she felt the sparks fly “probably the second” she saw Jess when they went to work on the music video, adding, “it definitely wasn’t planned. It just came out of nowhere, and it was a really delightful thing to happen.”

Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

SWOON. These two have been gushing about each other a lot lately, with Jess also recently saying in an interview, “We adore each other. We’ve supported each other through the last eight years of our lives, personally and professionally we’ve really grown together.”

Of course, working things out with an ex can sometimes lead to disaster, as many of the issues that caused fights in the past tend to resurface if the couple hasn’t fully worked them out, but in the case of Ruby and Jess, it seems that time and personal growth has lead them back to each other, which is so lovely.

They clearly share a lot of history together, and it’s wonderful to see that they’ve remained friends and have cared about each other in all the years since. We’re wishing them all the best in their new romance, and can’t wait to see more adorable couples photos soon.