Trilby Beresford
March 27, 2017 10:55 am
Instagram/Reese Witherspoon

It’s no secret that Reese Witherspoon is one of our favorite Hollywood stars. She’s strong, smart, and — not for nothing — she brought us the “bend and snap.” And Witherspoon just shared an anniversary message to husband Jim Toth on their sixth wedding anniversary (congrats guys!), including one of the secrets to their healthy, long-lasting relationship.

It’s so basic, yet makes so much sense when you think about how much time we spend with our partners, and how hard it can be to keep things fresh and light during the more stressful times.

The idea of sharing a laugh with your other half might sound simple or even insignificant, yet it reveals SO much about what makes a happy relationship. A sense of humor is definitely crucial!

Those who laugh together, stay together.

via giphyAnd let’s not forget the other key ingredient she mentioned — support. In a world where women all too often feel as though they need to sacrifice what they really want in order to be there for everyone else, we’re glad to hear our girl gets the support she needs.

Witherspoon’s hubby is an agent at CAA, so we won’t be surprised if the film bug spread to their son Tennessee (four years old! So cute!).

These glowing faces…the love is literally jumping out from the photo!

We’re taking a page out of Witherspoon’s relationship instruction manual and making sure we’re open to finding the funny in everyday situations. Because you’ve heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine,” right? Well, it really does release endorphins which relieves stress and makes us feel all bubbly inside.

Keep kicking it and laughing out loud for many years to come Reese!