Alyssa Thorne
Updated September 19, 2017 1:11 pm

In a world increasingly saturated with dating apps, which often seem like the only way to meet someone in 2016, and correspondingly saturated with dating app fatigue, which makes it seem like nobody is going to meet anybody ever, the idea of having kids at a young age sometimes seems like something from a bygone culture. Many young women want careers, and travel, and time to find themselves — not to mention the fact that the economic climate combined with skyrocketing student loans means millennials in a position to afford a wedding, let alone a child, are few and far between. We can’t all swap houses with Kate Winslet and meet Jude Law, after all.

Sorry, what were we talking about? Uh...
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But with marriage and children and white picket fences coming later and later in life (if at all), modern women have a new concern. What if you wait too long to have kids? At what age does it become difficult?

All sorts of ages are thrown around. In fact, up until recently, it was said that thirty-five was the age when a woman’s chances of getting pregnant start to plummet. has the full scoop, though, revealing that the REAL age when getting pregnant becomes difficult is forty!

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And according to The Atlantic:

Not that we’re exactly listing baby names yet — listen, we’re still not sure we really want to have to share our apartment with another tiny human yet — but it’s comforting to know that the data that supported thirty-five was waaaaay out of date.


So no need to panic yet, ladies. Science just gave us an extra five years at least to decide whether or not you want to have kids, or just, you know, a really nice garden.