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Updated Feb 09, 2017 @ 4:54 pm
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Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means the pressure is on for a romantic celebration with the one you love. With so many options for how couples should plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, it can get a little overwhelming. But why not do something a little different this year? While we all love a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, there are SO many other options for how to celebrate your love. We’ve compiled a list of fabulous non-traditional ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Because the most important thing isn’t how you spend your day, it’s who you spend it with.

1Feel like you’re the only two people in the world with a romantic hike.

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The problem with going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is that you might feel like one pair in a sea of couples. So why not get away by taking a romantic hike? When you’re out in the wilderness, you feel like the only two people in the world. Plus, the exercise endorphins will make you feel more in love than ever.

2Share your love with others by celebrating with a day of giving back.

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If you’re feeling super loving this Valentine’s, there’s a great way to share it. Instead of spending time and money on gifts and/or expensive dinners, why not spend your day or evening volunteering. You could serve a meal at a local homeless shelter, take care of dogs at a shelter or plant trees. We bet you’ll feel so much more fulfilled than if you just spent your Valentine’s together.

3Couples that relax together stay together with a Valentine’s spa day.

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So far, 2017 has been pretty stressful. We bet both of you could use a relaxing day. So why not book a fabulous couples spa treatment? Many spas not only have treatments, but have fabulous hot tubs or saunas where you two can spend some quality time relaxing.

4Feel like kids again with a throwback date to the mini-golf course.

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While grown-up dates have their place, sometimes we miss the goofy fun of dates from middle school. Recapture some of that careless fun by hitting up a mini-golf course for Valentine’s Day. After, you can keep it totally throwback by playing some arcade games and grabbing a slice of pizza at the food court.

5Get away on the cheap with a fabulous staycation.

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If you really need some couple time, but don’t have the time off at work or funds for a true getaway, a staycation might be perfect. Book a night in a fabulous local hotel, spend some time by the pool, and maybe even enjoy room service. It’s all the fun of staying in a hotel without the flight costs.

6Take a romantic dinner into your own hands by taking a cooking class.

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We can all use a few more tricks in our cooking game. Why not make your cuisine a little more hands-on with a cooking class? Or if you don’t feel like going to a class or there isn’t one near you, gather some fun ingredients and use the occasion to try out a new recipe.

7Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test by going to an escape room.

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Escape rooms have taken most major cities by storm, and they are a blast. Groups are let into a themed room to solve a puzzle in a certain amount of time. Working together can be a great way to bring you closer together. Plus, you’ll feel so pumped when you escape victorious.

With these ideas, we hope you make this Valentine’s Day the most special ever.

Because no matter how you spend it, every day is special with your S.O. by your side.