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It’s been nine years, but we will never forget: Milo Ventimiglia, known as moody Jess on Gilmore Girls and nurse-turned-superhero Peter on Heroes, once dated his then-Heroes costar Hayden Panettiere. (He not only saved the cheerleader, he got the cheerleader.)

The couple began dating in December 2007; their relationship ended in 2009. That’s quite a long stint for a young couple!

As reported by People, even Hayden’s mother was big fan of their relationship:

In fact, Milo, who was twelve years Hayden’s senior, took quite good care of Hayden.

While the couple ended up breaking up due to conflicting lifestyles (which many attributed to the age gap), we have to admit, they were gorgeous together:

Hayden cheers Milo on at the 2007 Spike TV Scream Awards

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Heroes had just won Best TV Show, but they might as well have won Best Couple!

Looking sleek and sexy in Paris

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The city of love was the perfect setting for these young lovers.

Her light perfectly compliments his dark

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We dig Milo’s polka dot tie and Hayden’s striped ensemble!

And we’re not the only ones to mourn this long lost couple. Twitter is full of fans who are holding the Milo and Hayden flame!

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Oh well! The two seem to have found happiness with others, not to mention career success. We wish them both (separate) good luck!