True love is real, you guys. Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, and we’re swooning over how sweet both of them are. While they just got married back in 2014, the lovebirds have been a couple for an impressive amount of time.

Harris said to Out magazine that it was love at first sight. They met through a friend while in New York, and Harris was attracted to Burtka from the moment he laid eyes on him.

These days? They’re married, with two adorable kids, twins Harper and Gideon.

(That slideshow actually proves how fun the Harris-Burtka household is.)

Speaking of the kids, Gideon is actually featured in the sweet snap that Harris shared of his lovely husband on Instagram.

If you think the picture is cute, just read the caption — it’s even cuter.

Harris actually revealed in an acceptance speech years ago that they were both working on stage when their relationship was fresh — Harris was starring in Cabaret, and Burtka was playing the character of Tulsa in Gypsy. So, these two had a pretty solid start with a common interest!

We wish Harris and Burtka many, many more years of happiness and joy!