Credit: Instagram/Michael Phelps

Most of us are probably familiar with Michael Phelps’s hugely successful swimming career, but what about his personal affairs, hmm? We thought we knew everything worth knowing (aka adorable baby Boomer and fiancé Nicole Johnson).

Well get a load of this: People just let us know that Phelps and Johnson have been secretly married for months! WTF?!

We knew that Phelps proposed early last year and they were engaged to be married, but apparently we knew more about their super cute son Boomer and the various patriotic outfits he wore to the Rio Olympics than the couple’s actual relationship status.

So, word is that even though Phelps hinted during the Olympics that they had a date set for the wedding, they tied the knot in Arizona back in June! And Johnson posted this cryptic snap on Instagram after the ceremony.

Damn!! All we can say is…

Credit: New Line Cinema/

They seem like a strong power couple.

And when Phelps gushes over his wife…why it makes our hearts flutter.

Of course, their little family is delightfully, RIDICULOUSLY-ADORABLE (even if they do keep major secrets!)

We’re not sure if it’s even possible for two people to be any sweeter to each other.

Awwwwww! Sending all the love and best wishes, we hope that Michael and Nicole live happily every after. Enough secrets though! Seriously guys, let’s leave everything out on the table from now on (cuz we’re nosey like that).