Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor celebrate anniversary
Credit: Daryl Sabara /

Happy anniversary! Singer Meghan Trainor is celebrating one year with her boyfriend, actor Daryl Sabara, and she’s sharing the news with the world in the sweetest style. The “All About The Bass” singer posted a wonderful video to her Instagram account that shows off their love for all the world to see (not to mention her brother’s impressive editing skills).

Meghan Trainor took to her Instagram account when it came time to celebrate her one year anniversary.

She shared a video (made by her brother Ryan Trainor) that showed off an assortment of sweet moments in the couple’s relationship: holding hands, ice skating, singing. Alongside all these fun and fanciful images, Meghan Trainor wrote a heartfelt message to her boyfriend.

But Meghan Trainor wasn’t the only one posting sweet videos to celebrate a year together: Daryl Sabara shared a video of Trainor singing in her dressing rooms with the words “I love her” written across it. His own message echoed hers:

What a sincere and lovely way for the couple to celebrate their first year together (with a little help from social media)!