Toria Sheffield
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 12:57 pm

Being famous definitely has its perks (money, S.W.A.G. bags…you know the drill). But there are also a ton of downsides that usually get swept under the rug — especially when it comes to privacy issues and unfair judgement calls.

Which is why we were incredibly happy to hear Lena Dunham defend Taylor Swift’s dating life, specifically how the singer is held to “impossibly high standards.”

It’s no secret that the media relishes covering the “ups and downs’ of Swift’s romantic life to an almost obsessive degree. Quietly breaking things off with Tom Hiddleston — a guy she dated for a mere three months (as many of us do in life) — was treated like the mega-story of the century. And that kind of exhausting coverage is the rule, not the exception, for the star.

She went on to say, “I mean, not to repeat age-old feminist points, but it’s like, you know, any male actor her age who’s going out and dating is applauded. […] To just have a perfectly normal amount of romantic partners but be held to impossibly high standards by the press. Like, it’s just an unfair and unwinnable game.”

We genuinely could not agree more. Swift is doing what so many of us and our friends do in our 20s — date people! Yet it somehow gets portrayed as if she’s some kind of romantic disaster, or doing something wrong (and if she is, then we ALL are girl).

Basically, we feel for Tay hardcore, and we’re glad Dunham spoke up about this completely absurd double standard placed on young women in the spotlight.

Keep doing you, Taylor!