Every couple goes through ups and downs, and fighting is totally normal. As long as everything gets resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, it’s usually okay. In an exclusive interview with, Kristen Bell admits her marriage with Dax Shepard ‘takes a lot of work.’ She also mentioned that they definitely fight, but that they believe it’s super important to resolve things in front of their two kids. Because kids absorb EVERYTHING.

Bell recalled that Shepard once recognized how kids mimic their parents as they grow up. He noted that while it’s pretty common for most kids to see their parents fight, it’s rare to see their parents actually make peace after an argument. Because of this, Bell says they decided to make that part of life extremely visible.

She also adds that if they don’t “wake up like that in front of each other,” they’ll write a script in order to carry out the resolution.

Hey, these are good ideas! What a power couple.

It’s also kind of awesome that this specific idea originated from Shepard, because Bell noted in the interview that he never “read a single parenting book” (and she did). Now that’s teamwork.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter who came up with the brilliant idea, in the end it’s incredibly inspiring that they’re working on these issues together and trying to lead by example when it comes to their kids.

Did we mention they’re one of our favorite couples ever in the history of the planet??