Credit: Instagram/Kris Jenner

Since hearing that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna became parents to baby girl Dream, we’ve been in seventh heaven. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner dished on Rob’s parenting skills, and it seems like the new dad is embracing every moment of parenthood and making his mom proud!

Jenner has six kids and six grandkids, and she says she enjoys witnessing all of their unique changes.

Awwww. That kinda just melts our hearts. Plus, things have been slightly rocky with Rob and Chyna this year, so it’s amazing to see him reacting so positively to his new role. It seems like being a dad is coming super naturally to the one and only Kardashian brother, and we’re so glad to hear it.

Look, he’s literally glowing! (Well, figuratively glowing. But you know what we mean).

It appears as though Dream really is a #dreamcometrue for Rob, who has been open about his personal struggles with body image issues in the past. Judging by the smile on his face, things are looking upward.

Sending all the love to Rob and Chyna, and their gorgeous daughter Dream!

H/T People