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Maintaining a relationship is hard work (sorry ending of every rom-com/Disney movie ever — it’s true), and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what makes a relationship happy and successful.

But Justin Theroux recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about why he and wife Jennifer Aniston work so well together, and it’s seriously so simple, yet so beautiful.

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And there it is, guys! Of course, respecting each other and getting along well all the time is easier said than done, but he’s right — it does start with respect, and it makes total sense that genuinely enjoying spending time with your partner is key. Speaking of which, Theroux is a big fan of his wife’s movies, citing Cake as his favorite.

Awww! They are too cute.

Also, their Valentines Day plans this year were the best…because they spent it watching Netflix in their pajamas. It’s not all about grand gestures, but simply spending time together.

We hope that Justin and Jen’s relationship stays strong, because frankly, we love these guys.