This IRL couple got married using virtual reality, and what a time to be alive

Here’s one way to skip the drama of inviting out-of-town guests to your special day: Host the wedding in virtual reality instead.

That’s exactly what Welsh couple Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington did on May 25th.

The happy couple and 40 of their closest friends and family tied the knot in AltspaceVR, a virtual reality social platform-turned-wedding venue.

“Who wouldn’t want to be a time traveling robot with the opportunity to revisit their own wedding? The choice seemed the only way to go,” Shervington, 44, told TIME in an interview.

While gathered in Shervington’s living room, the couple and guests used virtual headsets (which, at $2,531 a piece, are not exactly cheap) to transport themselves to a futuristic dance hall, complete with red lava skies and a disco ball overhead.

The couple also had the cutest vows for each other.

Martin told Elisa: “I promise to keep on loving you, make you laugh at silly things, and allow you to be free to be yourself,” he said as his avatar swiveled to face hers.

Elisa told Martin:  “I promise to love you, to make you happy, and to laugh with you every day. I promise to try not to be funnier than you,” she told him, to which he replied, “That’s a tough one.”

According to Mashable, the group celebrated IRL at the bar across the street after the virtual – but totally legal – ceremony was completed.

Congratulations, newlyweds! The future is now!

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