Emily Baines
August 04, 2016 4:16 pm

While most movies focus on the joy of falling in love, there’s a special sweetness to long-term relationships. Artist Sarah Graley perfectly captures those long-term relationship moments in her comic Our Super Adventure, which, according to Sarah, “is an ongoing diary comic series I draw about my relationship with my boyfriend Stef, and our four cats Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel.”

We can’t stop reading these comics and smiling! Below are some of our favorites:

When you’ve been together for years, you aren’t afraid to talk about poop.

Our partner always knows how to cheer us up.

Tina Belcher would approve.

The joys of a sloppy kiss.

Not gonna lie: I’ve pictured this before.

We ask our loved ones this every day.

Even riding in a car together can be adorable.

The playful teasing only those really comfortable with one another can exchange.

No relationship is complete without a good drool.

When you love each other so much, you don’t need a party to have fun.

That’s right, that is our idiot.

Even long term relationships have a great sense of play.

Because we know which side of the bed is important.

Dentists agree: long term relationships are good for your teeth.

Who hasn’t replicated this moment?

That’s right! We are the favorite cat.