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On September 30th, Tania Perez-Gutierrez recorded her pregnancy announcement to her husband Ronald Gutierrez, and his reaction is the perfect embodiment of true happiness.

According to a Buzzfeed interview, the Houston local and mom-to-be, hid her positive pregnancy test alongside her first ultrasound underneath a baby toy. When she asked her husband to come into the room, she made sure the camera was rolling. And thank goodness she did because we cannot stop smiling after watching Ronald’s reaction:

“No te creo!” (“I don’t believe you!”) Ronald repeats. He truly can’t get over the fact that his wife is pregnant. Tania is all smiles as she tries to convince her husband that it’s all real. The two of them are too much to handle!

Tania’s sister, Christina Perez, uploaded the video on Twitter where it’s received over 13,000 likes and just under 7,000 retweets. Christina told Buzzfeed that her sister called her before the big reveal to get Christina’s input on how to surprise Ronald. Christina said, “[Tania] wanted him to know right away so she decided to go to Walmart and to buy a baby toy and put the ultrasound pictures inside.” She added that she got goosebumps when she saw the video and was so enthralled over how excited her brother-in-law was to be a dad.

Other Twitter users are feeling the love as well:

We agree. The look in his eyes has us jumping for joy. false

Ugh, neither can we!!! false

There’s always gotta be a funny guy.

Congratulations Tania and Ronald! We can’t wait to see how excited Ronald will be when the baby arrives!