Credit: JayJailyn/Twitter

Gift-giving in relationships gets a little tricky sometimes — but if you need definitive proof that it’s truly the thought that counts, we’ve found it. A Texas guy gave his girlfriend lettuce because he thought it was a flower, and the story has our hearts collectively melting. Jailyn and Jamarcus have been dating for nearly a year, and he was super excited to give her flowers.

There was just one tiny hiccup — the “flower” in question was actually a vegetable.

(A closer look at the photo leads us to believe it’s purple kale, just in case you were wondering.)

Jailyn shared a photo of the gift, and it immediately went viral. false


Needless to say, the Internet went wild over the adorable story.

Jailyn has definitely found herself a keeper — and we think the lettuce/kale/vegetable in question is pretty beautiful.