Briana Hansen
Aug 04, 2016 @ 11:58 am
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They're the Ross to your Rachel. The Luke to your Lorelei. The Portia to your Ellen. You've found someone absolutely spectacular that you want to spend your days with and you couldn't be happier. Now some new findings suggest another way you two could become happier (if that's even possible).A study published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships showed that couples who share a lot of their social lives with each other tend to be more satisfied in their relationships. By melding your friend circles and family more closely with your partner's, you can enhance the quality of your relationship.

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Researchers asked groups of college students in long-term partnerships (four months or more) about how many friends they had in common and how they felt about their relationship. Couples with more mutual friends tended to be more open about including their partners in their other close relationships.

But don't worry if you and your loved one are highly independent in your social lives.

The study also found that you had a lot of shared media in common, it’s also a very good sign for the relationship.

So, basically, if you two find yourselves spending hours debating GoT theories because you're mutually obsessed with the show, that's a good sign. You just get bonus points if you happen to have a ton of mutual friends (who maybe also watch the show as well because, let's be honest, once it's brought up you really can't stop the speculation).

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These, of course, are only small indicators in a sea of signs you can look for in your relationship. But if you and your beloved don't already share media and mutual friends, don't worry; now you've got some ideas to grow even closer.