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It’s hard to find that special someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, because relationships pose a number of challenges. Not to mention marriages! But Ellen DeGeneres opened up to People about finding the love of her life with Portia de Rossi, and her words will literally make you melt.

As well as being one of the raddest famous couples, these two co-parent a puppy named Kid (bringing their pet count to three dogs and three cats) — so you can already tell their adorableness is through the freaking roof.

The lovebirds have been married since 2008, and DeGeneres is grateful for the life they lead together.


In the interview, DeGeneres also emphasized how she and her wife don’t take their relationship for granted — which is a great thing to remember for all of us, whether it concerns a relationship or really any good parts of life.

OMG. As if we needed more reason for DeGeneres to be our favorite human!

Of course we know that not every day of marriage can be a walk in the park, but from her description, DeGeneres has finally reached a point in her life where she’s comfortable and secure with herself and her partner.

She also recognized that “you get what you give” in relationships, and admitted that she and deRossi put themselves first, prioritizing family needs over their hugely successful careers.

And if you’re wondering what the best part of their marriage is, DeGeneres claims that it’s “everything.” And nothing is more special than sharing that with your best friend.

Quick, somebody bring us the tissues!