He’s just one of the most genuine people around, so we’re so freaking glad Ed Sheeran is enjoying a happy relationship. He’s been coupled up with his high school sweetheart Cherry Seaborn since the summer of 2015, and Sheeran says their first date was at Taylor Swift’s July 4th party (what a story!).

Apparently it’s a big bash that happens at her estate in Rhode Island, and love must have been in the air when Sheeran reconnected with Seaborn that day. It’s pretty cute how Sheeran describes what happened.

Soooooo, Taylor Swift is kind of a match-maker, wouldn’t ya say?

via giphySadly, there aren’t many photos of Sheeran and his GF on Instagram as they’re notoriously private. But we respect that! And we DO have this snap from the day of (wishing we were at that party to see Sheeran wearing this coat). No fair!

Seriously though, Sheeran and Seaborn’s relationship is so sweet, and we love how they inspire each other. Sheeran’s song “How Would You Feel” is about their relationship, and it happens to be Seaborn’s favorite track. SWOON. Let’s just give it a listen, shall we?

We just melted at these lyrics. “How would you feel if I told you I loved you / It’s just something I want to do.” Their relationship definitely seems like it’s going strong, and in his interview with Zane Lowe earlier this year, Sheeran even admitted that he’s ready to be a dad. We’re already jealous of those future children!

Here’s to many more anniversaries and happy days ahead.