Candace Ganger
September 19, 2016 11:23 am
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The real life The Fault in our Stars couple, Dalton and Katie Prager, have had anything but a normal love story. However, it’s with our deepest regrets to report Dalton passed away Saturday at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis at the mere age of 25 from an infection known as Burkholderia cepacia, a contagious infection contracted by those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Dalton and Katie met online when they’d both turned 18, though after falling head over heels, doctors warned Katie not to meet Dalton in person as she would be exposed to possible infection of the same bacteria. Those fears came to fruition and Katie contracted the infection, once the two ignored naysayers for the sake of love and met when Dalton traveled to Kentucky

Together in love, Katie and Dalton waited for transplants, though Dalton was the first recipient in November 2014 with Katie receiving hers in July 2015. 

The lone comment on the photo is from Katie, months before Dalton’s transplant.

Things seemed well after Dalton’s initial transplant, though, he would eventually develop lymphoma with a sub-set of pneumonia and a viral infection. Along with mounting medical bills, the struggle to be together seemed impossible to some but these two were fighters, if nothing else which is easily seen through all they’ve overcome in their young lives.

Katie’s body, on the other hand, never took to the transplant and there came a point when doctors focused on the quality of her life as opposed to finding a cure. Unfortunately, Katie didn’t get to be with Dalton physically when he took his last breath as she’d been placed in hospice care in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. However, thanks to the miracles of technology, the husband and wife were able to FaceTime while Dalton lay in ICU on a ventilator. Their dreams of having him flown to a Kentucky hospital, to be near Katie, never happened, nor did a final hug or kiss goodbye.

Their 5th wedding anniversary, having married in 2011 at the age of 20, was the last the two would see one another in person, just over two months ago (back in July).

You might wonder why two young individuals, with obvious health concerns would risk so much to be together but Katie has the perfect response in an interview with CNN.

We agree. Finding love like this is worth holding onto.

She went on to say

It’s clear Katie and Dalton were meant to find one another, despite all their setbacks. Dalton’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Missouri with all who loved him attending and with the medical and funeral expenses, a GoFundMe page has been created, originally for them to reunite, but now to ease the family’s financial burden during this difficult time.

Katie took to Facebook, a fitting location as it was the beginning of their relationship, to speak on her husband.

She continues by adding

Such wisdom beyond her years, we’re sending Katie, and Dalton’s family and friends, all the sympathy and comfort in the world and in the famous words of John Green via The Fault in our Stars, “I want to leave a mark.”

Forever in our hearts, we think you certainly have, Dalton and Katie.