Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 18, 2017 @ 1:29 pm

Some parents really struggle to let their children grow up and pave their own way as adults, but empty nest syndrome isn’t why Rebecca Hayes and David Ward took hilarious “newborn” pics with their 21-year-old son, Clayton.

As Cosmopolitan reports, the couple decided on the intentionally awkward family photos for a rather endearing reason. Hayes and Ward were high school sweethearts, but they skipped a photo shoot with their baby boy because they split before his birth. The pair shared a co-parenting relationship but led separate lives until the death of their spouses led them to resume their old friendship. Hayes lost her husband in 2013, followed by the death of Ward’s wife in 2015.

Not only did their reunion help them cope with their respective losses, it gave them a second shot at romance and a chance to take the family photo with their “newborn,” who is now an adult.

Hayes shared the photo on her Facebook page, with an equally hilarious caption to match.

Duffi Crowson, photographer of Chaotic Perfection Photography and Hayes’ longtime friend, told Popsugar that the newly connected couple and their son had a ton of fun during the shoot.

“We laughed so hard when we were shooting it! Clay and David were more than willing to participate which is just a testament to what an awesome family they are,” she said.

Crowson also shared pics to the Love What Matters Facebook page, and we can’t stop LOLing at them.

What a funny, creative way to celebrate newfound love. Congrats to the lovely couple and their larger-than-usual bundle of joy.