Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 04, 2017 @ 10:18 am

Chrissy Metz is often put in what some would call an awkward situation while filming This Is Us. When Metz films love scenes with her on-screen boyfriend, Chris Sullivan, she’s often doing so in front of her real-life boyfriend, Josh Stancil. Stancil is a cameraman on the show.

Metz talked to UsMagazine.comand other outlets at the Television Critics Association press tour about the strange scenario. She said that Stancil isn’t that perturbed about it and for the most part, the two laugh about the whole thing.

Although sometimes Stancil expresses perhaps a little grief when Metz and Sullivan have to kiss multiple times a scene.

Getty Images / David Livingston

Metz admits there’s really no sexual tension between herself and Sullivan, so there’s nothing for Stancil to worry about. Plus, Sullivan is happily married to his wife Rachel Richard, and has been for six years.

The This Is Us star has been dating Stancil for just under a year and she saidthat things are going great (yay!).

Thankfully Metz is dating such an understanding individual and they’re both able to separate work from home life. Her two-lovers-in-the-same-room situation is certainly unique, but we’re glad it’s not putting any kinks in Metz’s real-life relationships!