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Updated Oct 04, 2017 @ 10:46 am
best couples halloween costumes
Credit: Pintrest/Her Campus

The big, spooky night is right around the corner, and if you’re planning to dress up with your boo for All Hallow’s Eve this year, it’s probably time to start scouring the internet for the best couples Halloween costumes.

You could look to celebrity couples like Ariana Grande and Mac Miller, who wore multiple couples costumes last year, or you could turn to your favorite fictional pairs for inspiration (Marge and Homer Simpson, perhaps?). Or, you could just browse the list below — since we’ve already done the work for you!

Keep scrolling to check out seven couples Halloween costumes we think are top-notch.

1Bob Ross & A Happy Little Tree

If you binge-watched Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting with your partner when it showed up on Netflix last year, this is the perfect Halloween costume for you.

Skip the squirrel dress if you’re short on time and just pick up a headband, some fake leaves, and bendable wire from the dollar store to craft that tree headdress. “Bob” will need that signature puff, of course, so find an appropriate wig then throw together an artist’s palette using a piece of cardboard and a few dabs of paint. Slip into your respective outfits (which you can likely pull from your own closets) and you’re sure to make everyone around you say “OMG!” and “AWWW” and “Why didn’t we think of that?” You’re welcome.

2Emoji Twins

This costume is so easy to put together, and you’ll probably wear most of the pieces again anyway, so it won’t even feel like you’ve spent extra money on clothes.

Grab two matching black bodysuits and two sets of black bunny ears (or make them yourselves using black headbands, cardboard, and glue) — or just tie some tulle in your hair like the two women above — then put on your black ankle boots or flats from last season to finish off the look. If you don’t already have a pair in either style, they’re worth keeping around, so hit up a thrift or discount store to see if you can score some cute boots or shoes in your size.

You can add blonde wigs if you really want to go all out with this costume, but we’re fairly certain that once you strike that iconic pose, everyone will understand your ensemble.

3Medusa & Stone Victim

You can be as ambitious or low-key as you want to with this costume. All Medusa really needs is a crown of snakes, which will require a trip to the dollar store and a bit of fiddling with jewelry wire (to attach the snakes to a headband or crown) to create. You could add a jumpsuit like the one pictured above, but a green dress or green tee and leggings would work just as well.

Your stone victim will need a face full of gray-ish paint, as well as some gray spray-in hair color and a head-to-toe gray outfit. You could rock a full-on gray canvas robe for the full ~stone~ effect, but a gray tee and matching sweats would do the trick, too.

4Nick & Jess from “New Girl”

This wouldn’t be our list if we left off our own Nick and Jess from New Girl! We love that the creative costume above features our favorite fictional pair as seen in the show’s opening credits — such a unique take on a go-to costume.

To put this together, you’ll need a Jess-approved dress and cute shoes (check out our guide to dressing like Jess Day here) as well as a plaid shirt, jeans, and a hoodie for your Nick. Next, you’ll need to do a bit of DIY craft work with cardboard to create the “Jess” placard and the frame you’ll carry around with you. Once you have all those bits and pieces, though, you’re set to go.

5Johnny & Baby from “Dirty Dancing”

Undoubtedly one of the greatest — and most iconic — movie couples of all time, Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing are also one of the easiest couples to replicate on Halloween.

For Baby, you’ll need a blush pink bodysuit or tank top and matching tea-length skirt — or just rock a blush pink tank dress with a flowing circle skirt — as well as a pair of low heels in a nude or blush shade. Johnny will require only a black T-shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, and a smolderingly sexy attitude.

6Mario & Princess Peach

Gamers, unite! This couples costume offers a lot of wiggle room in terms of how you put your outfits together: You could just buy two straight-up adult costumes and be done with the whole thing, or you could scour a thrift store for the perfect puffy, pink ’80s dress and bright blue suspenders for Mario.

You could also just wear whatever bright pink skirt and top you have on hand, make yourself a crown, and call it a day, while Mario can pull on a red tee, suspenders, jeans, and a chunky mustache (if he doesn’t already have one). The choices are (almost) endless.


Okay, so technically this is a family costume and not a couples costume, but we couldn’t resist including it on this list.

To be sure, this costume is pretty elaborate, but if you have a kid young enough to look like the world’s cutest marshmallow (and Hershey’s bar) and a whole bunch of free time on your hands (haha) this costume might be worth the DIY endeavor. Here’s a rough idea of how to do it.

And, if all else fails and you find yourselves costume-less on Halloween, pull some old bed sheets over your heads, cut out holes for eyes, then put your bra and underwear or boxer shorts over top and call yourselves “sexy ghosts.”

Stranger things have happened on Halloween.