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Beck Bennett has been one of our favorite Saturday Night Live funny men over the last few seasons. Earlier in the election season, he made us giggle with his portrayals of Jeb Bush, and recently, he did an absolutely fabulous job nailing his performance as Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence. Beck has been dating actress Jessy Hodges for five years, and the two make SUCH a cute couple.

Beck Bennett and Jessy Hodges are the definition of #relationshipgoals, because they constantly post the most hilarious photos together.

Like this totally sweet wake-up selfie. Too adorbs!

Haha, even in Insta captions, Beck cracks us up. We totally love this simple but sweet couples selfie.

And this pic from when they moved in together is pretty much the cutest.

Seriously, all we want is the kind of love that requires only bare floors and pizza. And these two lovebirds have both.

We totally want our vacation selfies to live up to theirs, too.

Beck’s face, though! Even while roughing it in the middle of nowhere these two are snuggling together like two peas in a pod.

What does Beck’s SNL alter ego have to say about all that?

There you have it: live from New York, it’s officially adorable!