Credit: kellie_and_pete/Instagram

When you’re in a relationship for a long time, the days can start to blend together. That’s why an England-based illustrator began documenting the small-but-precious moments with his long-time girlfriend and their daughter.

Pete Duffield and Kellie Gage are in a happy long-term relationship, and have a daughter named Poppy together.

Shortly after beginning their relationship five years earlier, Duffield started drawing out the little moments the couple shared together, from enjoying ice cream, to their many attempts at cuddling, to watching Game of Thrones together.

These moments are seemingly mundane, but the illustrations showcase how special these little exchanges really are.

Duffield’s amazing illustrations have attracted quite the Instagram following (23,000 followers and counting).

Now that Duffield and Gage have a little one of their own, the illustrations include life with a baby. The drawings serve as a collection of memories of their days together.

Take a look at more heartwarming drawings below:

Too adorable.