In a really great interview about body confidence, Ariel Winter opened up about the backlash she received when she revealed that she lives with her older boyfriend, Levi Meaden. We super admire how open and honest Ariel Winter has always been about her struggles and her life, and we hate that people would react to her honesty with anything but appreciation or understanding. Unfortunately, we all know the internet…

When asked about the negative responses she’s received, Ariel Winter was characteristically poised. She told Refinery29.

Sounds like an amazing living situation to us! In fact, it sounds better than amazing, because Ariel has already talked about how living with her boyfriend means he does all the cooking. Talk about #goals. Ariel revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

Especially since they couple lives in the house that Ariel owns, this is clearly a relationship that’s on her terms and within her boundaries. We’re just happy that she’s happy, and hope that she continues to rise above the haters on the ‘net!