Toria Sheffield
March 24, 2017 6:52 am

Fame definitely has its perks (S.W.A.G bags, getting invited to cool screenings, designers wanting to literally dress you, etc.). But it can be easy to forget the many daily downsides, like not being able to step out of the house — even on your worst, most anti-social days — without strangers taking your picture without asking. But we just found out that Amy Schumer’s boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, deals with unwanted photographs in the most perfect of ways.

Okay, is it us, or is that not the perfect response? It’s neither aggressive or complacent — just perfectly (and hilariously) communicates that filming a stranger in a restaurant without their permission is majorly uncool.

Schumer went on to say.

We’re incredibly glad that Schumer is in such a great place both professionally and personally right now. She’s one of our favorite comedians and social activists, and we’re blown away by her talent on a literal daily basis.

She’s also had zero qualms opening up about negative past relationships (including her experience with a former abusive boyfriend, which she documented in her book, Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo), so it melts our hearts to know she’s found “the love of her life.”

Wishing these guys the best — today and every day!