Just when you thought Amy Schumer couldn’t get any more endearing, Schumer goes and posts the weirdest photos of her boyfriend, and made us love her even more.

The 35-year-old actress has been dating Ben Hanisch for over a year now, and their love still makes us giddy. These two are hilarious together, clearly love one another, and seem to have such a fun, goofy relationship.

On Sunday, Schumer showed off the many faces of her BF on Instagram. Okay, it’s actually just one face, but it will make you laugh.

This series of three pictures are weird, to say the least, but for some reason — it just works. Maybe it’s because we all know that Schumer is a jokester. Or, maybe it’s because we just love, love. Either way, we had to share these cutie pics with all of you.

“No!” Schumer captioned the first photo.

The second picture reveals that this seems to be Hanisch’s go-to expression.

“No,” the next photo says.

The last photo, really sums up this duo’s romance.

“Absolutely not,” the blonde beauty captioned the picture.

This one is from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. We aren’t sure why Hanisch does this pout, but we hope he keeps it going.

In case you think that Hanisch is the only one in this relationship serving up sass, we’ve done some more digging. When the Chicago native posts photos of his girlfriend, she too has a sour face she frequently makes.

The good news is that Hanisch is a great sport about it and always has snarky captions to match.

“Happy vday to this lady. She’s obsessed with me but it’s cool,” he captioned this February post.

In another picture — complete with the Schumer side eye — Hanisch wrote, “Amy Schlumer is sitting next to me on the plane…She said no pics but I snuck this one.”

All we can say is that we fully support this dorky duo. Keep doing you, Amy and Ben, and please post more photos as you go!