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Breaking up is never a fun experience, but it can be a good thing if the relationship isn’t working or is holding you back in some way.

It can be hard not to doubt your decision, though. So if you’re looking for a few signs that breaking up was the right choice, we’re here to help. Even if you find yourself in tears over your ex from time to time or you really just miss them terribly, it doesn’t mean your breakup was a bad call.

Read on to discover some signs that you did the right thing, and know that even if not all of these apply to your situation, that doesn’t mean you made a mistake. Most importantly, stay strong — you’ve got this.

1. You feel great.

This is the most obvious sign that breaking up was the right decision, but we had to put it on the record. If you feel calm, happy, thrilled, excited, productive, energetic or whatever else “great” means to you, you did the right thing.

2. You’re sleeping better.

Stress can have profound effects on your ability to get a good night’s rest — something you probably experienced as your relationship was ending. If you’re sleeping well now, though, that means the stress of your relationship is abating and your body is starting to function normally again.

3. You know why you broke up.

Being able to clearly articulate the reasons you broke up — whether your partner was abusive, didn’t support your goals, or you wanted different things in life — is a sign that you made the right call. Go back to those reasons if you find yourself questioning your decision.

4. Your friends and family totally support the decision to split.

It may drive you crazy to hear your loved ones say they “never liked you two together,” but try to take it as affirmation that you’ve done the right thing. Even though you may have wanted to hear their honest opinions sooner, knowing now that they stand behind you is just as beneficial. Lean on them for support when you need it.

5. You feel more confident.

Being in a dysfunctional relationship can leave you feeling small and unsure of yourself. If you’re holding your head higher, expressing your wants and needs clearly, and sharing your thoughts and ideas freely, you’re on the right side of the breakup.

6. Old friends are returning to your life.

Bad relationships have a tendency to push away the people closest to you — perhaps your old friends didn’t like your partner and couldn’t stand to be around him or her, or maybe you were with a person who was isolating you and shrinking your social circle in order to have more control over you. But if your friends are coming back into your life — or you’re seeking them out and they’re being responsive — that’s a good sign you did the right thing by calling it quits.

7. You picture your future and your ex isn’t in it.

When you picture your life in the next few years, do you, for example, see yourself living in another city or country, with children or without, or buying a house — but your ex isn’t a part of your vision? Then trust your gut and know you made the right decision.

8. Your career is taking off.

Toxic relationships have a way of holding us back at work, so if you recently got a promotion or even just feel more productive or happier doing your job, it’s safe to bet that your breakup had something to do with it.

Always remember to trust yourself — only you know what’s truly best for you.