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Getting over a relationship is never easy, long term or short, and figuring out if you’re really, truly over someone can prove to be more complicated than it may seem. Right when you think you’ve moved on, a text, a song, a memory, can emerge and flip everything upside down once again. Feelings rush back, emotions are strong, and you’re hopelessly pining from the one who got away. So how do you know you’re really over your ex?

Since every relationship is different, we don’t have the all answers for how to properly heal after a break up, but we do have some tips on how to understand and read the signs that you’re over your ex for good. If you’re feeling like this, you may just be moving on and you can rejoice.

1. You want them as your friend

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The opposite of love isn’t necessarily hate. You don’t have to despise your ex to be over them (though a little anger can go a long way in the early stages). And even if you’re aren’t entirely sold on the idea of being friends with someone you used to sleep with, you may still feel some sense of indifference. If hearing their name or listening to an old song don’t make you feel a gut-wrenching pang of heartbreak, then I think it’s safe to say you’re moving on.

2. You’re interested in other people

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Having an interest in someone else goes beyond just having a crush or craving a random hook up — those can come with masking your real emotions of how you feel about your ex. Instead, having real emotions for a new conquest is a clear sign that you’re on the way to leaving the past behind. Putting your eyes on a new individual can be a rebound, a new relationship, or a fun friend to keep you company. Regardless, spending time with a new boo shows you that you can invest your time into something besides your break up

3. You stopped checking their social media religiously

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Okay, this is probably the most crucial sign, let’s be honest. If you are not over someone, you are totally stalking their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, gosh, even their LinkedIn. The internet is a blessing and a monster in disguise. Imagine the days where you wouldn’t refresh your feed repeatably just to see if your ex was hanging out with someone and where. So, once you’ve stopped caring about that, I think it’s safe to say you have moved on.

Whatever you went through as a couple, or for whatever reason it ended, you can be independent and happy on your own. Remember that taking over someone takes time and everyone heals differently — there are no right answers to cure a broken heart. But we promise that it does get better, even if it doesn’t seem like the heartache will ever end.