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If you’re feeling ready to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend — congratulations! That’s really exciting. Moving in together can be a pretty big step that can make or break a relationship. There will be all kinds of new experiences you’ll share together — and some of them won’t be pretty. But those not pretty things don’t matter right now, because you’re in love and all you care about is finally not having to commute between two homes — especially if it’s a super long commute.

We put together a list of feelings and things that happen to most people when they’re ready to move in with their partners, because we know that sometimes reassurance helps. While this list might be helpful to some, ultimately you know yourself and your relationship better than anyone — so we know you’ll make the right decision — whatever that decision may be. But still, a little empathetic guidance can sometimes go a long way.

So to make sure you’re definitely ready to take that next step, if all or most of these things describe you and your relationship, you might want to start packing! Give your partner a heads up first though, maybe.

If you don’t feel a sense of pressure

If moving in together feels like the most natural next step, chances are it is the most natural next step.

You’re paying rent for an apartment or house you don’t use

No one likes throwing away money. So if the time is right, perhaps you should put that money towards something else useful. Like a moving truck.

You never want to not wake up next to each other

If waking up alone without your person is getting to be too heartbreaking to handle, it’s probably time to never do that again.

The commute is killing the vibe

In the beginning of your relationship, you may have found yourself enjoying the drive to see your partner, because at the end of it, your person awaits (and hopefully with dinner or snacks). But let’s be real — there’s nothing sexy about sitting in traffic.

You guys do bathroom things in front of each other

And not just showering or blow drying your hair. Actual private, gross bathroom things.

You know each other’s bad habits, and you’re both okay with them

We all have bad habits, but it takes real love to be totally fine with someone else’s.

You know how to give each other space

Just because you live with someone doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. Knowing how to give each other space is just as important as spending time together.

You’re comfortable talking about money and spending habits

This doesn’t mean you have to sign up for a joint bank account, but it’s important to know that your partner will be able to afford their portion of the rent and bills.

You sleep well together

And we don’t mean sexy time (well, that too). Your actual sleeping habits are congruent with one another, and you don’t fight over the blankets. Sleep’s important, y’all.

You’ve traveled together and survived

You learn a lot about a person when traveling with them. If you can survive the stress of traveling together and being together every minute of every day, you’re probably good to go.

You both are good at communicating

There’s nothing worse than having a roommate who doesn’t address minor or major problems they’re having with you. If that roommate is also your boyfriend or girlfriend, multiply that worse feeling by a lot.

You both like eating late-night pizza in bed while watching something great on Netflix (insert your own version of favorite pastime)

Because hey, snacks and Netflix choices are important too.

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