I’m not a fan of falling in love. It’s scary and dirty and messy, and it seriously cuts into my Netflix time. I suddenly have to worry about what I say and how I dress and what my hair looks like from the back. I have to be concerned about how I’m angling my body during conversation and if I’m making enough eye contact or if I’m making too much eye contact and giving him the impression that I am trying to suck out his soul through his eye sockets. I have to impress his friends and ride in his car and make nice with his cat and then hug his mom even though I am sweating everywhere from the sheer exertion of smiling so hard. And worst of all: I have to be vulnerable. I have to open myself up to judgment and rejection. I have to talk about my past and my pains and hope that he’ll still want to hold my hand after he finds out that I drool rivers in my sleep and cackle like a witch sucking helium.

Falling in love is terrifying and maddening, and it’s easy to just say “nope” and hide under your bed, especially if you’ve been hurt before. It’s OK to be afraid, and it’s OK to take it slow, because love can suck, but it can also be incredible if you attempt it with bravery, grace, and an army of inspirational quotes in your back pocket. The bravery and grace is up to you, but I’ve got the inspirational quotes covered. Good luck and good love to you, friends and fellow fraidy cats. We’ve got this.

Oscar Wilde

John Wayne

Christopher Poindexter

Raymond Windquist

John Steinbeck

Albert Camus

Kurt Vonnegut

Zora Neale Hurston

Eleanor Roosevelt


F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sierra DeMulder

Erada Svetlana

Kirk Diedrich

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