Jill Layton
March 04, 2017 8:45 am

Is there anything more romantic than meeting the love of your life on a train? Why yes, yes there is. It’s meeting the love of your life on a train, and then getting ENGAGED on the same train you met 10 years prior. A surprise marriage proposal on a crowded train in Melbourne, Australia is legit the most romantic proposal we’ve heard about in a long time.

Soooo…who wants to travel the world by train with us?

Ryan decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend Hannah on the exact train where they met. Clearly, he’s the most romantic man in the world.

Footage of the proposal was recorded by a train staff member and other passengers on the train. Hannah was totally unaware of what was about to happen until she heard the conductor announce that he had something to say that “specifically concerns carriage four.”

Ryan then got down on one knee to ask the big question.

Naturally, Hannah was pretty surprised at first, but it didn’t take her long to say yes. Fellow passengers applauded the freshly engaged couple, and all was right in the world. Or at least on that train in that exact moment.

As Metro Trains put it so expertly, “Couples that commute together, stay together.”

This is what marriage proposal dreams are made of.