Rachel Sanoff
Updated Jul 27, 2016 @ 3:17 pm
Credit: FunnyCondoms.com

History has been made with Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman presidential candidate of a major political party, but our current political climate is still pretty terrifying. Some folks have taken to lightening the mood (and keeping sex safe!) with sarcastic political condoms for sale at the Democratic Convention.

Bustle interviewed Derek C. (last name withheld) at the DNC in Philadelphia where he was selling a few of the prophylactics. He told Bustle that he had been a Bernie Sanders campaign worker until staff was laid off upon the campaign ending.

So what does he think of his new career in politics?

“It’s funny, and it promotes safe sex.”

Let’s take a look at some of these witty political party favors:

Derek C. said that he has two bestsellers. One of them has a wrapper featuring Donald Trump and the phrase “I’m HUUUGE!” 😉


The other bestseller references a much more beloved candidate, Bernie Sanders, smiling above his campaign slogan, “Feel the Bern.” (Remember this popular STD billboard in L.A.? Safe sex, guys!)


We certainly prefer this to Trump’s disgustingly racist and sexist campaign slogan.


Oh damn — promoting safe sex while still criticizing the problems in our political system.


One for Obama, before he leaves the White House.

Credit: FunnyCondoms.com

A play on our frustrating bipartisan political process and ~sex euphemisms~.


And even if you’re not at the DNC, you can still get your politics on in the bedroom for $4.95 per condom at FunnyCondoms.com!