Crystal Ro
Updated Apr 13, 2016 @ 11:55 am
snl period
Credit: NBC

1. when people you meet weirdly remind you of your aunt flo.

2. or when your period actually reminds you of people you do know.

3. when your cravings always seem to get the best of you.

4. when you think you know your period, but it turns out you actually don’t.

5. when getting your period is actually a very happy thing…

6. …until of course it becomes a total nuisance.

7. when things get a little ~political~ down there.

8. when you know all phases of your cycle are to blame for everything ever.

9. when you wonder what life would be like if the tables were turned.

10. when you actually use it as a measurement of time.

11. when you feel like you’ve done your part for TV-viewing-kind.

12. when gettin’ busy, gets real.

13. when you realize your body really does know what it’s doing.

14. when all you want to do is figure out the living nightmare that is PMS.

15. and finally, when you figure out how to actually make bad luck work for you.