This mom just got super real about having sex when you're a parent

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Those of us who aren’t mothers will never fully understand what it’s really like to have kids until we have them ourselves (in one capacity or another) which is why moms (and dads, too!) support each other and share their stories with one another every chance they get. 26-year-old mom Kristy Kemp runs a Facebook page called Breastfeeding Mama Talk, which is an online community for mothers to come and talk about everything related to mothering. Breastfeeding is just the start.

In one of her recent posts Kristy decided to get really candid about life as a mother. She wrote about the realities of trying to have sex when you have kids running around, and the post went viral. Kristy doesn’t hold back on the details, which is precisely why moms everywhere are celebrating.

"PARENTHOODConstantly being touched and climbed on by my toddler and non stop nursing from my baby.... When is there...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

“We get into the warm shower that is quickly losing heat because my kids took most of the hot water,” Kristy writes. “Trying to catch our footing we hear a loud ‘SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!’ I start cursing the toy dolphin under my breath.”

We can’t help but laugh. Kristy doesn’t stop there. She continues on about how the shower is flooded with the kids’ toys and how they finally have to give in to the madness.

“Finally we both crack up and the sexual mood disappears. We get back to best friend mode, laughing so hard we are barley able to catch our breath,” Kristy writes.

We’re laughing along with you, Kristy, as are the 3,400 people who have liked the post. Moms from all over the place have commented and commended her for being so honest about what the mom life is all about. It’s something that doesn’t have to be kept a secret — getting laid when you’ve got small children isn’t easy. According to Kristy, the key is to laugh it off.

So here is to the exhausted moms and dads out there trying to be parents every minute of the day attempting to get some together time. Lol! Laugh at life or you won’t make it!😂,” she writes. Sounds like pretty good advice to us. 

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