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Over the last decade, online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet potential significant others. But some of the more mainstream sites have been slow to catch up with the new ways people are dating, especially as they concern alternative lifestyles.

This week, though, it looks like the modern sexual revolution has won yet another significant victory when it comes to dating on the web: OKCupid has officially launched a new feature for people seeking polyamorous relationships, or relationships with more than one person at a time.

According to The Atlantic, this new feature began testing in beta mode in December and officially launched yesterday. Users who are listed as “married,” “seeing someone,” or “in an open relationship” can now link their profiles and then as a couple seek out someone to join them in their open or polyamorous relationship.

The statisticians at OKCupid (and they love their stats over there) report that 24 percent of the site’s users are seriously interested in group sex — though that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to date multiple people — while a whopping 42 percent of users would consider dating someone in a polyamorous or open relationship. With this new feature, those interested in exploring polyamory can very easily connect with both members of a couple with full knowledge that their open relationship is the real deal.

Though there isn’t much data on the prevalence of polyamory, it’s estimated that 4 to 5 percent of Americans are actively polyamorous. Until now, many of these couples turned to special polyamory websites to find partners, but with the introduction of this new OKCupid feature, couples looking for a new mate (or mates) will be able to seek “fish” in an even larger sea of more than 12 million users. Best of luck with the search!

(Image via OkCupid.)