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Think about all the couples you know, or even the friends you have who’ve dated or hooked up (so…everyone). How many of them met their partners at work? Chances are, it’s a lot – I mean, I met my husband at work – but what would you guess at for a percentage? Would you believe us if we told you more than half of all people have had some kind of office romance?

Well, it’s true – at least, according to an annual office-romance survey conducted by A whopping 51% of the more than 2,000 respondents said they’d been involved at some point in their lives in a romantic relationship with someone they met at work, whether it be a random hookup, a long-term partnership, an ongoing but casual relationship, or something else.

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And the statistics actually vary by field of work. Ironically, those who work in human resources are one of the most likely groups of people to have participated in an office romance at some point in their lives – 57% of these people, to be exact. They fall right behind those in retail (62%) and technology (60%), and right in front of insurance professionals (54%). Some of the fields on the other end of the spectrum? Marketing, healthcare, accounting, and energy.

The survey also asked respondents if they have an “office wife” or “office husband” – someone they have a special-yet-platonic bond with. Surprisingly, 27% of participants responded positively, with one study participant saying, “We can both talk openly about ideas and issues within the workplace and it provides that letting off steam outlet as well as someone to talk to. I know her husband and we get along well also even though he does not work in our industry.”

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And while keeping your work and romance lives separate seems to be a universal “understood” concept, it seems it’s a bit harder in practice – almost two-thirds of survey respondents who have had an office romance said they’d do it again, and 10% said they were currently in some kind of relationship with a coworker. Ten percent also said they met their long-term partner or spouse at work (me me me!), and – in the opposite vein, shall we say? – 47% said they were aware of some sort of office-related infidelity going on between coworkers. Ouch.

While our first instinct at a lot of these numbers might be surprise, it actually does make a lot of sense. We spend 40 hours – almost a quarter of our entire week – with our coworkers. It’s more than natural to develop relationships with them, especially when you have a common interest like the work you’re doing. Romance can easily blossom, and as much as many of us want to keep our work lives at work, anyone who has been in love will tell you it’s not that easy.

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You can read the results of the entire survey here if you’re curious – or if you’re currently crushing on a coworker and need some assurance that we’ve pretty much all been there!