Sammy Nickalls
February 05, 2015 10:32 am

It’s always a little exciting to have an office crush. Instead of trying to “run into” your crush, you have an excuse to see them every single day. And an excuse to get to know them. And learn everything about them. And maybe make them fall in love with you so you can have lots of adorable babies and tons of stolen office supplies. Hooray!

But being in close proximity to your crush for eight hours of the day just is more opportunity to make things a little awkward. You might think you’re acting totally casual, but our friends at Mashable helped give a nice visual of how those “casual” interactions may be interpreted. Despite your best intentions to play it cool, you may just seem a wee creepy, or just a little bit over-enthusiastic.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. There is absolutely nothing more socially uncomfortable than the phenomenon of office crushing. Nothing. (I’ll take this moment to apologize to some co-workers from the past several years. Oops.)

So check out Mashable’s hilar video on how we think we are with our office crushes vs. how we really are. Then, take a deep breath, and play it cool, folks.